Alameda Corridor-East Project
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Montebello Corridor Grade Separation Project

Fact Sheet

Project Description

The Montebello Corridor Grade Separation project calls for constructing a roadway underpass with sidewalk and bike lanes and railroad bridge at the railroad crossing on Montebello Boulevard and installing safety improvements, including quad crossing gates for enhanced safety, at the crossings on Maple, Greenwood and Vail Avenues. A pedestrian overcrossing is planned for the Maple Avenue crossing due to significant numbers of pedestrians and cyclists. Project completion could result in eligibility for a “Quiet Zone” restriction on locomotive horn-blowing in Montebello.

Project Status

Design of the project commenced in 2015, upon approval of the Montebello City Council, and has advanced to the environmental clearance and preliminary engineering phase. Upon approval of final design plans by the City of Montebello, construction could begin in 2019 and be complete by 2022. The estimated project cost is $160 million.

Project Benefits

The project would eliminate crossing collisions, queuing and congestion and reduce vehicle emissions at the underpass while improving safety at all four crossings. Five collisions have been recorded at Montebello’s crossings over the past 20 years, with one pedestrian killed and injuries to one pedestrian and one motorist. By 2025, rail traffic through Montebello is projected to nearly double from 49 trains to 91 trains per day. Without the project, growing train and vehicle traffic will result in an approximate doubling of vehicle-hours of delay at the busiest crossing, Montebello Boulevard, which carries an average of 21,000 vehicles a day.