Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority
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Quad Gates

Safety Issues

Freight/Traffic Growth Impacts
  • 67% increase in rail traffic
  • 40% increase in vehicular traffic
  • 300% increase in vehicular delay

  • Leads to Safety Impacts
  • Stressed out motorists taking big risks
  • Motorists driving around closed crossing gates.
  • Motorists potentially getting trapped on the tracks when a train is approaching
  • Vehicles queuing across railroad; tracks and intersections.
  • Even pedestrians begin taking risks!

  • Safety Improvements

    Installing up-to-date warning devices and signage.

    Upgrading traffic signals to prevent intersection and rail crossing blockages.
    Installing of pre-signals to prevent queuing of vehicles across tracks
    Installing medians to prevent drive arounds.
    Installing four quadrant gates.
    Installing new sidewalks across tracks.