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San Gabriel Trench Project - City of San Gabriel

Fact Sheet

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Project location and proposed grade separations.    Aerial rendering of the completed trench.

Project Description

The 2.2-mile San Gabriel Trench grade separation project will result in the lowering of a 1.4-mile section of Union Pacific railroad track in a 30 feet deep, 65 feet wide trench through the City of San Gabriel with bridges constructed at Ramona Street, Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass over the tracks. The rail line will return to grade east of San Gabriel Boulevard, which would need to be raised less than 2 feet due to track elevation. The rail crossing at Walnut Grove Avenue will remain at-grade and require a shallow lowering of the roadway to match the proposed railroad grade.

Project Impacts

Project construction will create 6,057 full-time equivalent jobs. The project will reduce locomotive horn and crossing bell noise, congestion and air pollution, estimated at 213 tons/year of air toxins and greenhouse emissions by 2030. The project will eliminate an estimated 1,744 hours of vehicle delay each day at four crossings, the busiest of which, San Gabriel Blvd., carries 35,310 vehicles per day and operates at 118% of capacity in peak hours. Four crossing collisions have been recorded over the last 10 years, with two motorists killed and two injured. The project will eliminate delays for emergency responders and the potential for crossing collisions, estimated at one every four years.

Project Status

The San Gabriel Trench construction contract was awarded in July 2012. Construction is complete on the 1.4-mile railroad trench and on the bridges at Ramona Street, Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard. Final project completion is scheduled for early 2018. Project cost is estimated at $293.7 million.