Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority
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Temple Avenue Train Diversion Project
(City of Pomona)

Fact Sheet

Project Description

To eliminate train traffic from a section of railroad right-of-way in the City of Pomona which includes congested at-grade crossings at Temple Avenue and Pomona Boulevard, a train diversion route has been constructed across farmland to connect to an existing parallel Union Pacific (UPRR) railway that is already grade separated. The train diversion project included the construction of railroad bridges across San Jose Creek and a vehicle underpass for Cal Poly Pomonaís Spadra Farm as well as a third track where the two routes converged. A new fourth mainline right-of-way will be constructed for approximately 2.3 miles, from approximately 1,000 feet southwest of Temple Avenue to approximately one mile east of State Route 71. The work includes the construction of retaining walls, railroad roadways, pier protection walls, bridge widening, channel wall improvements, culverts, drainage ditches, utility relocation and protection.

Project Status

The total cost of the Temple Avenue train diversion project is $94.8 million. The construction cost for the fourth track work is $25.8 million, which is being jointly funded by the ACE Construction Authority and UPRR. In addition to installing the track and signal equipment over the entire fourth track length at their expense, UPRR will contribute $7.9 million toward the project. Work commenced in Fall 2008 and was completed in Spring 2010.