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Jump-Start Program


The Jump-Start Program is a safety upgrade program involving 39 rail crossings along the ACE corridor. Improvements at the 39 grade crossing locations were completed as of January 2004. Improvements included:

  • New traffic and train signage

  • Striping or re-striping of streets

  • Updated signal preemption

  • Measures to eliminate gate drive-arounds

  • Minor Roadway widening

  • Installation of active warning devices

  • New pedestrian sidewalks and safety protection

  • Re-grading and repair of vehicle crossings

  • Other measures designed to improve traffic flow or enhance safety

Eliminating Gate Drive-Arounds

A variety of median improvements were implemented along the ACE corridor to discourage and/or prevent motorists from driving around lowered crossing gates. These improvements included median concrete barriers, four quadrant crossing gates, narrow barrier posts and raised traffic dots. The intersections that have received some type of drive-around protection are listed below:













































Traffic Signal Measures

Traffic signal measures involved improving the signals and warning signs to maximize safety through crossings. The following is a list of crossings that received traffic signal measure improvements:























Roadway Widenings/Restripping

Along the corridor, 13 grade crossings received minor widening improvements to increase traffic capacity and/or improve circulation at the following intersections:

SP = Former Southern Pacific Line; UP = Union Pacific Line

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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