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Ramona Boulevard

Grade Separation Project

City of El Monte

Project Description

The Ramona Boulevard Grade Separation Project lowered Ramona Boulevard approximately 26 feet beneath the existing railroad tracks. Two bridges were built to carry railroad traffic over the depressed Ramona Boulevard, which includes pedestrian and motorist safety improvements and walkways with protective railing. The underpass opened to traffic on April 9, 2008.

Project Benefits

Construction of the $53.1 million Ramona Boulevard grade separation project began in January 2005. The project:

  • Eliminates the railroad crossing at Ramona Boulevard, which carries 18,400 vehicles per day and where passing trains blocked traffic for 13 vehicles/hours per day

  • Increases truck freight velocity by eliminating bottleneck at railroad crossing

  • Provides bridge abutments for future track expansion; additional rail-line capacity will help absorb freight growth and reduce diesel truck traffic

  • Removes an estimated 29 vehicle/hours per day of delay caused by increased train traffic blocking the intersection by 2020

  • Eliminates the dangers of collisions between trains and vehicles

  • Reduces pollution caused by idling cars and trucks

  • Eliminates train horns and crossing alarms with removal of the grade crossing

  • Frees up formerly blighted properties for redevelopment

  • Increases storm drain capacity to reduce likelihood of street flooding

  • Subcontracted approximately 7% of project construction budget to disadvantaged businesses

  • Had 0 days lost due to injuries

Ramona Boulevard Grade Separation Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (May 2, 2008)

Please see below for the highlights of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. 

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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