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Reservoir Street Grade Separation

City of Pomona


Project Description

The Reservoir Street and East End Avenue grade separation projects created bridges to carry trains on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and roadway underpasses for vehicles on First Street over Reservoir Street and East End Avenue. The projects included several pedestrian and motorist safety improvements, including walkways with protective railing.

Project Benefits

Construction of the $77.7 million combined project began in January 2005. Reservoir Street re-opened to traffic in December 2006 and East End Avenue opened to traffic in June 2008. The project:

  • Eliminates railroad crossings at Reservoir Street and East End Avenue

  • Eliminates the dangers of collisions between trains and vehicles and traffic snarls for motorists on Reservoir Street and East End Avenue

  • Eliminates cross-traffic congestion for the motorists on First Street

  • Reduces pollution caused by idling cars and trucks

  • Increases storm drain capacity in the area to reduce likelihood of street flooding

  • Eliminates train horns and crossing alarms with removal of the grade crossing

  • Frees up formerly blighted properties for redevelopment

  • Approximately 9% of project construction budget subcontracted to disadvantaged businesses

  • Employed 1,179 construction workers

  • Distributed over 6,000 ACE student safety program kits to seven schools in the area

Reservoir Street Dedication Ceremony (April 2, 2007)

Please see below for the highlights of the Reservoir Street Dedication Ceremony. 

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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