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Quad Gates

City of Pomona















Safety Issues

A 67% increase in rail traffic, a 40% increase in vehicular traffic, and a 300% increase in vehicle delay causes stressed out motorists taking big risks on the roads. Motorists would drive around the traditional one-gate crossing gates and potentially risk getting trapped on the tracks when trains are approaching. Even some pedestrians were caught taking big risks by crossing the tracks while trains are approaching intersections! 

Safety Improvements

  • Installing up-to-date warning devices and signage. 

  • Upgrading traffic signals to prevent intersection and rail crossing blockages. 

  • Installing of pre-signals to prevent queuing of vehicles across tracjs

  • Installing medians to prevent drive arounds

  • Installing four quadrant gates

  • Installing new sidewalks across tracks

quad gates.JPG

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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