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Temple Avenue

Train Diversion Project

City of Pomona













Project Description

To eliminate train traffic from a section of railroad rightof- way in the City of Pomona which includes at-grade crossings at Temple Avenue and Pomona Boulevard, a train diversion route has been constructed across farmland to connect to an existing parallel Union Pacific (UPRR) railway that is already grade separated. There were 2 collisions over the past 10 years at the two crossings. The train diversion project included the construction of railroad bridges across San Jose Creek and a vehicle underpass for Cal Poly Pomona’s Spadra Farm as well as a third track where the two routes converged. A new fourth mainline right-ofway was constructed for approximately 2.3 miles.

Project Status

The total cost of the Temple Avenue train diversion project is $94.7 million. Federal revenues provided 52% of the project budget; state, 1%; local, 40%; and Union Pacific Railroad provided 7%. Major work commenced in Fall 2008, was completed in Spring 2010 and ancillary UPRR work was completed in 2018.

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For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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