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Nogales Street North

Grade Separation Project

Cities of Industry and West Covina

Project Description

The grade separation of Nogales Street under the railroad tracks and Valley Boulevard required Nogales Street to be lowered approximately 20 feet. Two bridges were built to carry motorists and trains over Nogales Street. A loop connector road replaced the former intersection of Nogales and Valley. Construction of the $49 million grade separation project began in summer 2003 and was completed on schedule, opening to traffic on August 28, 2005.

Project Benefits​

  • Eliminates traffic intersection of Nogales St. and Valley Blvd;

  • Eliminates the dangers of collisions between trains and vehicles and traffic snarls for the 27,000 daily motorists on Nogales Street, projected to increase to 37,000 daily motorists by 2025;

  • Eliminates cross-traffic congestion for the 37,000 daily motorists on Valley Boulevard;

  • Reduces pollution caused by idling cars and trucks;

  • Eliminates train horns and crossing alarms with removal of the grade crossing;

  • Frees up 4.1 acres of formerly blighted commercial center for redevelopment;

  • Approximately 8% of project construction budget subcontracted to disadvantaged businesses; 824 construction workers employed on project;

  • Included construction of additional bridge abutment for future railroad capacity expansion if required due to growth in freight movement;

  • 6,000 ACE student safety program kits distributed at six schools in the area;

  • Construction resulted in 0 days lost due to injuries;

  • Intersection of Valley Boulevard and Nogales Street remained open to traffic for all but one month during construction, and;

  • Increased storm drain capacity in the area to reduce likelihood of street flooding.

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.

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