San Gabriel Trench

Grade Separation Project

City of San Gabriel

Project Description

The 2.2-mile San Gabriel Trench grade separation project resulted in the lowering of a 1.4-mile section of Union Pacific railroad track in a 30-foot-deep, 65-footwide trench through the City of San Gabriel with bridges constructed at Ramona Street, Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass over the tracks.

Project Impacts

The project reduces emisssions and improves safety by eliminating an estimated 1,744 vehicle-hours of delay for nearly 90,000 motorists traveling each day on the four grade-separated streets. Ten collisions had been recorded at the four crossings including two fatalities and three injuries over a 10-year period. By 2025, rail traffic is projected to increase from 18 trains per day to 61 trains per day if a second track is installed. In addition to eliminating locomotive horn and crossing bell noise, the project allows emergency responders to respond more quickly to calls on both sides of the tracks. The project directly employed 1,2111 workers, including 133 San Gabriel Valley residents.

Project Status

Major construction activities began in Spring 2014, following an extenstive archaeological excavation across the street from the historic San Gabriel Mission adjacent to the railroad tracks. Construction is complete on the 1.4-mile concrete-walled railroad trench and on the roadway bridges at Ramona Street, Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard. Final project completion was in September 2018. The cost of the project was $293.7 million.

For more project information, please call the Project Helpline at (888) ACE-1426.